Rapid Abrasives: Floor Sanding Products
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Technical Information

Abrasive Types

Aluminum Oxide

A tough and durable man-made abrasive characterized by the long life and wear resistance of its cutting edges. It offers enormous penetrating strength, even at high speeds. 

  • Applications: 
    • Ferrous metals, hardwood, and aluminum.

Silicon Carbide

The hardest and sharpest of the manufactured abrasives. Because of its extreme sharpness, the bluish-black abrasives grain permits fast stock removal and cool cut.

  • Applications: 
    • Non-ferrous metals: ie. brass, aluminum, and bronze.  
    • Non-metallics: glass, rubber, plastic, and stone.
    • The final finish on wood and stainless steel.
    • Abrasive planing particle board
    • Cast iron
    • Fiberglass


About Floor Sanding Pads:


  • A non-aggressive pad for polishing a clean, dry floor. They can be used on any surface, but are not designed for high-speed applications. Also used for screen sanding.


  • A conventional, multi-purpose pad for wet and dry buffing and daily cleaning. Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks and enhances floor appearance.


  • Heavy-duty deep scrubbing pad is ideal for scrub and recoat applications. Removes worn or damaged floor finish. Ideal for square sheet sanding of decks and patios


  • Aggressive, heavy-duty pad for wet stripping performance. Quickly cuts through the old finish, dirt, and build-up. High resiliency helps to conform to uneven floors.